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Dream Job Vacancy - Chief of Adventure - Uncharted Society

Dream Job Vacancy – Chief of Adventure with Uncharted Society

If you're in the U.S. and you love travel, this is the Dream Job Vacancy for you.  Uncharted Society (a subsidiary of powersports manufacturer BRP) is recruiting for an amazing role; 'Chief of Adventure'.

That job summary alone might give you enough of an idea as to what's in store for the successful applicant but we'll elaborate further – if only because this would otherwise be a really short article.


With 14,500 employees manufacturing a variety of brands to help their customers move across snow, water, asphalt and dirt  (including; Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Can-Am On- and Off-Road vehicles, Alumacraft), BRP is a very well-known company in the adventure/travel/exploration space so it's little surprise they decided to create a dream job opportunity. 

In the Chief of Adventure job description it's explained that the successful applicant will visit all of 'the brand’s Uncharted Society experiences across the United States, where they’ll venture out into some of the wildest outdoor playgrounds across the country, powered by BRP'. That includes the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, the Gulf of Mexico and the Rockies (so essentially all of the iconic, picturesque locations in the U.S.A.).

Dream Job Requirements

Besides the more predictable job requirements of having 'a passion for adventure and the outdoors' and an eagerness 'to live the Uncharted life', applicants must have a valid US driver’s license and be capable of operating motor vehicles, including watercraft, off-road and on-road vehicles, and snowmobiles.  You'll be creating content related to your experiences so the ability to create written, photo and presumably video content is essential together with knowledge of the major social media platforms.

Additional requirements for this dream job include;

  • Ability to self-sustain RV travel, including comfort with finding, booking, and navigating to campsites
  • Experience with all the major social media platforms
  • Adept at route and trip planning
  • Experience with copyediting, including AP style
  • Proven ability to work with teams to achieve results

This is a single, 6-month contract and in return for being in a permanent travel mindset for that length of time, you'll receive '$50,000, plus all associated expenses including travel and entertainment, meals, campsites, etc'.   If you think about it, when you're out on the road and pretty much all of your expenses are paid for – that makes this role even better.  Unless you go crazy with the souvenir buying you'll be able to save a big chunk of your income – leaving you at the end of the contract with some incredible memories, a very healthy bank balance and a really great standout role on your CV.  

This has to be one of the coolest job opportunities created this year so if you're interested in applying, we'd suggest you start doing some homework in order to submit a really competitive 'entry'. 

N.B. We've also included this in our 'Dream Jobs for Couples' list of vacancies as whilst you won't receive additional compensation for taking a 'plus one', the company are happy for you to do so.  Bearing in mind the aforementioned remuneration package, we think it would make perfect sense to take your partner or best buddy along with you for the adventure.