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Dream Job Alert - Chief Pizza Officer with Yelp 1

Dream Job Alert – Chief Pizza Officer with Yelp

Dream Job Alert – Yelp have an amazing opportunity; Chief Pizza Officer.


The Dream Job for Pizza Fans is Here! The 9th February is National Pizza Day (we didn't know that either) and to celebrate, Yelp are casting their net to find a Chief Pizza Officer.  The company are looking for the right person to share their love of pizza with the Yelp community.  

Unsurprisingly we've covered quite a few food and drink related dream job vacancies however for us, we're not sure it can get better than this. 

You will need to channel your inner Dave Portnoy (pizza review aficionado and founder of Barstool Sports) to really excel at this job however that doesn't mean you need to be really outspoken or court controversy wherever you go.  You'll just need to taste lots of pizza and share the love.


Dream Job Alert - Chief Pizza Officer with Yelp 2

The Dream Job Details & Requirements

You want a dream job but first you need the details.  Well, it's pretty straightforward with this opportunity.  For 6 months, you'll be expected to share 'the latest pizza trends' and your 'love for pizza' with the Yelp community.

As Yelp explain on their website the reward/prize for being awarded this dream job is as follows;


'The winning pizza connoisseur will be awarded $25,000 to continue their pizza education across the U.S. and help us stay abreast of what’s next in the world of pizza'.


That all sounds pretty do-able so are there any requirements for applicants?  Yes, but they're not too onerous. 

First (and probably most important) is the requirement to reside in one of the 48 contiguous states of the US. 

Second is the need for applicants to 'submit a 30-60 second video explaining why they’re qualified to take on the role, at'

Third, applicants need to be over the age of 21.   

Technically, as with many Dream Job roles, this is a competition with a prize rather than a permanent employment contract however – as we point out as often as possible – by landing this 6 month role, you'll;

(a) be in an amazing position to showcase your talents to Yelp (impress them enough and who knows, maybe they'll find a permanent job for you)

(b) be able to showcase your social media skills and influencer capabilities to the wider world (other companies out there – pizza-related or otherwise – will be able to see your skills so that could lead to other future employment opportunities)

(c) be enhancing your own value and personal brand.  If you beat what will likely be thousands of other applicants to land this role, it's great validation of you as a person to show you can stand out from the crowd.  A great value-add if you're pitching brands for sponsorships, or investors for money in the future.

For the Full Rules and Terms of Conditions of the competition, click here.