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Dream Job Vacancy With Proper 12 Whiskey Reporting to Conor McGregor

A dream job vacancy has arisen in the U.S. with Proper Twelve, the whiskey brand founded by sports superstar Conor Mcgregor.  As per the job-specific website (, the role on offer is that of 'Proper Ambassador' – a full-time, multi-tasking representative of the brand both in person and online. 

And, if you've admired Conor's progress from a 2013 newcomer in the UFC to multi-weight champion and hugely successful businessman, you'll be glad to know that the role involves reporting to Mr Mcgregor himself.  That's right – an opportunity to not only build your experience with a young, fast-growing drinks brand but also gain direct contact with Conor, an elite athlete of course but also a master in brand building, promotion and deal-making. The self-proclaimed 'champ champ' made his name with his ruthless dominance of top level fighters but it was the addition of his charisma and business acumen which created a driving force in building the UFC in to the mainstream sports powerhouse it is today.  

In the role of Proper Ambassador (also described as a 'Professional Partier' on the company's press release), you'll be feeding back to Conor about your success in introducing new customers to the brand through 'hosting fight night viewing parties and bar events, creating new cocktails, and trying your hand at running Proper No. Twelve's social channels'. See Below For the Full Job Description.


Image: Proper Twelve Whiskey


We’re looking for the Proper Ambassador to tag team with the champ, Conor McGregor to bring our liquid gold to the masses. 21+ is a must – whiskey is what we do. You’ll need to bring the energy because this isn’t your standard 9-5 job – happy hour starts at 5. Did we mention you’ll be getting paid a full salary? Now that’s proper.



  • Social media champ
  • Unquestioned authority on proper nightlife and supporter of local pubs
  • Not afraid to jump in the crowd to spark energy
  • Strong communicator, organized, and professional in & out of the ring
  • When you see a challenge, you respond with a proper solution


  • Develop fresh ideas for our social channels
  • Produce and edit world-class social content
  • Write proper captions for social content
  • Host key events like fight night viewing parties
  • Mix Proper No. Twelve cocktails to sample at events
  • Produce compelling post-event recap presentations
  • Monitor relevant trends and provide market research and analysis
  • Help make our merch more epic than ever


  • 21+ years of age or older (remember, whiskey)
  • Authorized to work in the U.S. without sponsorship
  • Master of the English language
  • Reliable transportation to travel and transport event materials
  • Please tell us you know how to use a computer and send emails…

For what sounds like an amazing role, there are no specific qualifications or expectations on candidates other than 'being a heavy hitter and risk-taker and, just like McGregor, ready to unlock their full potential'. They explain they're 'not looking for MBAs or Ivy League preppies' so, unless you fit in to that category, the playing field seems pretty level.

Apply to Become the Proper Twelve Ambassador

The application process for this job is pretty simple, as explained when the announced the role of Proper Twelve Ambassador:

'Applicants are encouraged to create a video, highlighting how they live the “Proper lifestyle” using the hashtag #GETAPROPERJOB. After posting and sharing the video to their social channels, applicants can then apply using the online form, [linked below]. Once the initial steps are completed, prospects are encouraged to get their family and friends involved to vote for them to become the Professional Partier through their own social accounts'.

Full details and legal requirements in order to apply are available here on their website but if you're over 21 and legally able to work in the U.S. without sponsorship, one of the coolest jobs in the world could soon be yours!  Let us know how you get on.