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Dream Job Vacancies in America

If you're searching for the latest dream job vacancies in America, welcome!  Here, we cover the unique, the interesting and quite frankly the coolest job alerts in America.  Whether it's becoming the next Willy Wonka by creating new candy flavors, driving the iconic Wienermobile on an epic road trip, working for Conor Mcgregor's whiskey brand or playing with dogs we've got you covered.  

What is a dream job in America?

What is a dream job in America? It's a short question with a long answer. 

One person's dream job is another person's nightmare.  So how does DreamJobsy, the dream jobs website, work?  Who decides, what a dream job is?  Simply put, it's down to our discretion.  We keep our ears pinned to the ground to find companies with 'a dream job vacancy'.  Sometimes, it's easy for us to determine if it's really a dream job opportunity – example; being paid $100k (plus accommodation) by a Napa Valley winery to create your own role with them.  

Other dream job vacancies aren't quite what they seem as they'll be marketed as dream jobs but in reality, they're very short term assignments (e.g. 2 weeks) and remuneration comes in the shape of a cash prize and some free products to review from that company.  We don't tend to write about those jobs unless the rewards for the role are extraordinary.

There are also roles we come across which aren't marketed as dream jobs but really should be, so we write about them here for more job seekers to discover.

One final thing, many of the dream jobs we find are technically contracts for service over a set period of time e.g. 6 or 12 months.  That doesn't mean the job can't become a longer term role (show how capable you are and they'll likely want to keep you) but the nature of the initial contract tends to be that of a specific period.