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Dream Job - 50k to Binge on Netflix 1

Dream Job – £50k to Binge on Netflix

The dream job for TV fans has been created and it goes a little something like this;  Lens Store ( will give you £50k to binge on Netflix for a year.

No catches, no tricks, just £50k to review their chosen TV series'.  The UK-based company will accept applications from international candidates so (assuming you've got access to a TV and Netflix and Amazon Prime) this could be for you, regardless of where you're based.

Here's what the company had to say when they announced the role:

'We are on the hunt to find the biggest TV binger- someone who loves TV and sees the ‘are you still watching Netflix’ message multiple times a week. If this sounds like you, we want to challenge you to watch 10 different TV series and rate them in line with Lenstore’s new binge-ability ranking… and we’ll pay you'! 

Dream job - get paid to watch TV

The Ultimate Dream Job for Netflix Fans

Yes, we're saying it loud and clear.  This has to be the ultimate Dream Job for Netflix Fans! Here's why:

1. £50k (that's about €60k or nearly $70k) is a particularly generous amount given that you could probably fit this role in around your normal day job or studies (yes, we think quite a few students will apply for this role).

2. No qualifications are required

3. You can be based anywhere in the world

4. The level of engagement required is low – they're not really expecting a great deal in return for their £50k

5. You could do this job with your significant other (ok so they won't be getting paid but how many roles exist where you can earn a decent amount of money and just chill out with your other half?)

6.  Oh and did we mention; THEY'RE GOING TO PAY YOU £50K TO WATCH TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When we talk to other people about this website, we tend to give them examples of the types of really cool jobs that make it on to these hallowed pages.  Well from now on, this will be one of those example dream jobs.

It is the very embodiment of a dream job – particularly because it is remote work and thus has such a wide potential audience (at the last count, Netflix alone had 222 million subscribers). 

The other type of dream jobs we generally refer to are in amazing geographic locations e.g. an island in the Great Barrier Reef or working in a company with a really desirable product e.g. tasting wine in Napa Valley.  Whilst those job types are extremely cool, the fact that they require a physical presence/attendance in a specific location, inevitably reduces the number of potential applicants.  With Lens Store's dream job, there are potentially hundreds of millions of people it could appeal to.

Hopefully they won't be over run with applicants!

Applications close on 28th February 2022 and, as per the company's announcement;

To apply, submit an email application outlining why you are the perfect person for this role to

And if you're wondering where Kaizen come in to the equation, they're the PR company handling this campaign on behalf of Lens Store.