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Dream job for beer lovers - Chief Freshness Officer

Dream Job For Beer Lovers – Chief Freshness Officer

Camden Town Brewery are offering the dream job for beer lovers – Chief Freshness Officer.  Yes, you guessed it, this very cool job will pay you to taste beer and check it's fresh (or 'not pasteurised', which seems to be the brewery's bugbear about other beers). 


The only downside about this job is that it's a temporary assignment rather than a long term job and therefore remuneration will only be £5,000 (plus the free beer you'll be tasting).  Normally we wouldn't get too excited about this type of role (i.e. short term with a relatively low level of pay) however this is beer we're talking about and in our humble opinion, if any company offers you thousands of pounds to taste nice beer, you should sit up and take notice.


A Beer Lover's Dream Job Vacancy

We'll let the brewery explain more;

'Unlike some other breweries, we NEVER pasteurise our beer. That’s why it tastes Fresh as Hells.  We’re so passionate about it we’ve even run a nationwide TV campaign to let everyone know about the perils of pasteurisation. And now we need you. Yes you!

We’re on the hunt for a Chief Freshness Officer to make sure that we continue to not do, the one thing we said we’d never do: Pasteurise our beer.

No experience in the beer industry, or any other industry, required. Just a love of fresh-tasting beer and birth certificate that says you’re over 25.

Sounds too good to be true ? …it’s not!

As our new, salaried, CFO your responsibilities will include:

Home-tasting batches of beer to make sure they’re Fresh as Hells.
Never pasteurising beer. Ever.
Answering “Never!” if anyone asks if Camden Town Brewery should start pasteurising beer.
And that’s kind of it…'.

They've included some [not particularly taxing] questions on their website too so that will help you check your worthiness for this very cool job.

If you're interested in this beer lover's dream job visit the brewery's website here and then apply to;