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Dream Job - Get Paid to live in a Cornish Castle 1
Rwendland, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Dream Job – Get Paid to Live in a Cornish Castle

Dream Job Alert!!  You can get paid to live in a Cornish castle – in one of the most beautiful (and most photographed) locations on the UK coast.  


The team at St Michael's Mount – a tidal island near Penzance in Cornwall, England – are seeking a castle custodian/caretaker to help with a range of tasks in the historic castle.  Whilst we haven't yet been able to confirm salary details for this particular dream job, it's a live-in role for 5 nights a week so from our perspective, we're already in dream job territory.  Even if the salary was a little on the low side, that would definitely be outweighed by the spectacular location in which you'll be waking up and working.


St Aubyn Estates, which owns & runs St Michael’s Mount, explains that the dream job will involve 'providing support to the Castle Steward'.  The job description involves everything from moving heavy furniture and picture hanging to assisting with security as required and supervising the facilities team on the island.  The variety of tasks makes us think that this won't be a tedious role yet nor do the team require any specific expertise from applicants (although seasickness will likely prevent you from being able to do the job as access at high tide is only by boat).  We would expect a great deal of interest in this very cool job from a wide range of applicants so make sure to submit your application soon if you want to have a chance of being selected.


Finally, we would sound one note of caution, the Castle steward Duncan Murdoch remarked “The worst thing is not being able to get a pizza delivered to your door”.  That is weighed up however with there being sea views from every window. You decide which is more important!


To apply for this dream job, click here:   Dream Job in Cornish Castle