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dream job for harry potter fans in Alnwick Castle lrg

IMAGE:  Alnwick Castle

Dream Job for Harry Potter Fans – Alnwick Castle.

If you grew up reading the Harry Potter books and waited with excitement as the books were brought to life on the big screen, this is the dream job for you. 


Alnwick Castle, the historic English property which was the location for numerous scenes in the films (including those where Harry learned to fly a broomstick and to play Quidditch), is recruiting Film Tour Guides to help guests understand and become immersed in the well-known films and TV programmes filmed there. 


In anticipation of opening for the 2021 tourist season in March (Covid-19 restrictions permitting), a seasonal recruiting drive is under way for a wide range of roles however we're a selective bunch at Dream Jobsy and we only wanted to tell you about the best jobs available.  


With that in mind, we present to you:  Film Tour Guide.  Yes, that's right – budding Harry Potter fans will be able to take all they know about Harry's escapades in Alnwick Castle and share that knowledge with visitors from all over the world.


The main requirements for the role seem to be:  ability to remember details about the castle's history and an ability to communicate clearly and in a friendly manner to the groups of visitors you'll be guiding each day.   If you speak a second language that's a welcome bonus as you will then be able to assist with some of the international visitors who aren't able to enjoy a tour in English.


What more could a Harry Potter fan wish for?  To apply for your dream job, CLICK HERE.  Applications close on 31st January 2021.