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What is a ‘Dream Job’?

The big question on everyone's lips – What is a Dream Job?  Is it work-life balance, is it lots of money, is it job satisfaction, is it doing something you enjoy?


Unfortunately, the big question doesn't have a simple answer.  The notion of a dream job is extremely subjective in that each job is a different experience for each person doing that job.  For some people a dream job could simply be something which is 9 to 5, straightforward to carry out, has reasonable pay and therefore enables them to live the social/personal life they desire.  Recent graduates with no real commitments might jump at the chance to get paid to travel the world for 12 months (as Wowcher offered in 2019) whilst a married couple with young children might describe their dream jobs as something altogether different. 


Many people describe their own career as a dream job but whilst those roles might feel rewarding to do (whether it's a fireman, nurse, doctor or vet) or are financially rewarding to do (e.g. stockbroker, cosmetic surgeon, barrister) they're not things which might universally or even widely be considered as dream jobs.  


For us at DreamJobsy, we know there is no 'one size fits all' dream job but we do know there are definitely some common denominators which indicate whether a job could be described as a dream job or perhaps even a cool job.  The key thing to consider when assessing these factors, is 'who is dreaming of this job'?  For the purposes of our list below, we're channelling anyone who is either unemployed (and wondering what their dream job might be) or someone in a job which, to them, is mundane, not interesting, unfulfilling etc.   We've also included some of the practical points required in order for a job to actually be a dream job.


Just imagine, you're sitting at a desk amongst a sea of other desks in a non-descript office block and you're currently scrolling through a spreadsheet entitled 'Number of widgets sold by Acme Corp'


Our Definition of a Dream Job

With that in mind, to make it on to the hallowed pages of this website a job needs to fulfil most of these requirements:

  • There should be a lifestyle element to it – whether that is related to the location of the job (e.g. on a private island) or the nature of the job itself (e.g. a wombat cuddler)
  • It should be open to as wide a demographic as possible (local laws, work-permits etc permitting)
  • There should be minimal qualification/training requirements
  • Financial compensation should be reasonable for the role

Also, the vacancy must:

  • Actually be a job!  A paid position (not an apprenticeship, internship or similar)
  • The compensation must be financial (i.e. not solely the company's product in return for work – although it can be part of the incentive)
  • The contract must be for 3 months or more
  • It will preferably be full-time


If you think our highly scientific approach isn't up to scratch and would like to add something to our dream job requirements/definition, please contact us to let us know.