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About Us

If you're searching for a dream job (and we mean a real dream job), this is the website for you.  At we focus all of our efforts on finding really cool and amazing job vacancies.  However we don't do that so we can apply for those opportunities ourselves. We find the jobs and then share them with our readers so that they can apply for the roles which they find really appealing.

We may be based in Europe but our dream job tentacles spread across the world, ensuring we can unearth opportunities from Australia to Alaska and everywhere in between.  Naturally there aren't what we would describe as dream jobs in every country of the world but there are an awful lot of cool, weird and wonderful job opportunities spread fairly randomly across this lovely planet of ours.

In practical terms, that means there's something for pretty much everyone who happens to land on our site.  Lots of the vacancies are in North America (many American marketers have really caught on to the idea that a dream job vacancy is a great promotional tool for a business) but there are also some REALLY popular dream jobs in other parts of the world too.  In fact, one of the original dream job marketing campaigns was commissioned by the tourism board in Queensland, Australia and in the last few years, job opportunities in rugged, remote locations such as Ireland's Great Blasket Island have proven to be incredibly popular to applicants from all over the world.

After sifting through hundreds of dream job campaigns we've learned a few things

  1.  We love dream job alerts!
  2. Many, if not most dream job vacancies are actually contracts for services over a set period of time e.g. 12 months rather than a permanent full-time role (DON'T LET THAT PUT YOU OFF APPLYING)
  3. If you're the successful applicant for a dream job vacancy, there's every chance it will change your life. 
  4. Dream job campaigns are really good for companies (however they also involve a lot of work – lots and lots of applications)

If you have a dream job vacancy and would like it to appear on the hallowed pages of DreamJobsy,com, contact us via our Facebook page (there's no fee, don't worry!)

If you have a; dream job story (maybe you landed a dream job and want to tell the world how it went), case study, video or anything else related to any kind of really cool job vacancy, contact us via our Facebook page.

Finally, to start searching for your perfect job, click here.