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Dream Jobs for Couples

What if your dream job was actually your partner's dream job too and there was a vacancy which required both of you?  SCROLL DOWN FOR JOBS

Yes, although most job vacancies only seek one employee, there are numerous very cool job vacancies in the world which are particularly well suited to couples – to the extent that the employer or the employment agency will specifically ask for couples to apply.


What are these vacancies we hear you ask?  Well, the most common type of role in this category is a property management and/or hosting role e.g. maintaining (and usually living in or right next to) a large country house which may be a weekend residence for a couple or family who live in a city during the week.  It can also be common where a small portfolio of holiday properties all need to be managed and maintained.


These types of roles are particularly interesting for couples as even though they carry a great deal of responsibility they don't involve the same type of constant pressure you might feel, for example, if you were a live-in housekeeper in that same family's full-time city residence and you also generally get your own space such as an estate cottage (which is normally included free as part of the package).