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Images Courtesy of Airbnb.  The town of Sambuca, Sicily and the stunning house in which you'll live

Dream Job Vacancy – Airbnb Host in Sicily for 1 Year

The Airbnb team have come up with one of our favorite recent dream job vacancies – and it simply involves becoming an Airbnb host in Sicily, Italy for one year. 

To further the company's efforts of supporting the regeneration of rural communities in Europe, they've chosen the stunning Sicilian village of Sambuca (home to the hugely popular €1 House promotion) as the successful applicant's base for the year.   

If you're already thinking a village with €1 houses for sale might not be the best place to live for a year, think again!!!   Sambuca was proud to be named the most beautiful village in Italy in 2016 and rightly so.  The gorgeous hilltop village is bursting with character from its handsome architecture, cobbled streets and alleyways and it's becoming an increasingly vibrant community – with people from all over the world attracted by the village's previous marketing efforts.

Dream Job Vacancy - Airbnb Host in Sicily for 1 year 3

A Dream House and a Dream Job

The Dream Job Details

Now that we've sold you on the location, on to the details of the dream job itself.  As the images in this article can attest, the home in which you'll become an Airbnb host is really special.  Completely renovated in a collaboration between Airbnb and Italian architectural firm Studio Didea, a traditional home has been beautifully renovated to create a highly desirable home (and what we believe will become a really popular property on Airbnb).

Dream Job Vacancy - Airbnb Host in Sicily for 1 year 2

The exterior of Studio Didea's project

All the successful applicant will need do is live in part of the property and become an Airbnb host for the remainder of it.  So you'll live in this stunning house for free (up to two adults and two children can live here) and the income generated from the Airbnb part of the property will be your income (less applicable taxes etc of course). 

Therefore as long as you (and your significant others) can legally live in Italy for a year, you'll have a luxury rent-free home, an income from what will surely become a really popular Airbnb property (it is after all an Airbnb project so it's pretty likely it will continue to receive press coverage) PLUS the ability to continue with other work you may have e.g. if you're a freelancer or remote worker you could still do that too.

Dream Job Vacancy - Airbnb Host in Sicily for 1 year 6

This Dream Job will also allow you to join the grape harvest

One of our favorite dream jobs

Airbnb's unique opportunity is one of our favorite dream jobs for a number of reasons;

  1. You'll get to live in a really authentic and picturesque community
  2. Sicily is a wonderful place to visit and even though it may be on the tourist radar these days, venture inland to villages like Sambuca and you'll find a very traditional way of life with limited impact from tourism
  3. The house in which you'll be living has been exquisitely restored
  4. You should be able to generate a reasonable income from the Airbnb section of the property – particularly as you'll have no rent to pay.  The cost of living is very reasonable in rural Sicily (a bottle of perfectly quaffable local wine can be picked up for a couple of Euros and other locally produced food is both delicious and cost-effective).
  5. This dream job vacancy lasts for a year and may just give you a totally different outlook on life by the end of it

You'll be expected to start on 30th June 2022 and to apply, CLICK HERE to visit the Airbnb website.