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Dream Job Alert - Drive the Nutmobile Across America for Planters 1

A Dream Job Driving the Nutmobile – Image: © Hormel Foods

Dream Job Alert – Drive the Nutmobile Across America

It's that time of year when Planters announce their dream job vacancies – and from the heading of this article you've probably guessed; it's something to do with driving the Nutmobile across America!


That's right, the owners of the iconic Nutmobile, a 26ft-long peanut on wheels, are on the hunt for three Peanutters to 'chauffer MR. PEANUT® from coast to coast'.  Since Planters joined the Hormel Foods family last year, this is the first opportunity for the Nutmobile to hit the road so as dream job fans (and big peanut fans too) we were relieved that the new owners decided to continue with the tradition of sending this very cool vehicle on the open road.

The role is a 12-month, full-time contract running from June 2022 to June 2023 and will entail the following;

  • 'Representing the PLANTERS® brand in media interviews and appearances with local radio, television and digital publications
  • Delighting fans across the country at local community events
  • Engaging in consumer interactions and ensuring all attendees and onlookers have a nutty time and a positive brand experience with the NUTMOBILE™ vehicle and MR. PEANUT®
  • Working alongside people who perform little acts of substance for their communities at volunteer projects'

Just imagine being paid to go on an epic American road trip with a unique twist;  you're driving around in the Nutmobile.

A Dream Job if You Love Road Trips

If you love road trips this really should be the dream job for you.  Other countries might have tried to take the road trip crown from the USA but really there's nothing quite like being on the open road in America.  The combination of seemingly endless highways, iconic sights and spectacular scenery all combine to make you feel like you're in a movie.  And that's before you add the Nutmobile in to the mix!

If you're fortunate enough to get the job, you and and two other Peanutters will be living like you're in a movie (albeit a slightly strange movie with a giant peanut as the central character).


Apply Now For This Dream Job

If you'd like to apply for this dream job now, simply head over to – the deadline for applications is 24th January 2022.  To become a Peanutter, these are the requirements;

  • 'Recent college graduate with a bachelor’s degree, preferably in sales and marketing, with preferred experience in communications, advertising, public relations or a related field
  • Desire to travel, an appetite for adventure and proficiency in nut puns is a must
  • A resume, cover letter and short video describing why they would make the perfect Peanutter'

Best of luck if you decide to apply and remember, if you're looking for inspiration on what to include in your video application, read through some of the Dream Job Case Studies on this website.   That should give you an idea of what companies tend to look for when they're recruiting for dream jobs.


To follow the latest from the Nutmobile on social media:

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Twitter (@NUTmobile_Tour).