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Dream Job – Candyologist, Candy Funhouse, Ontario

Candy Funhouse in Ontario, Canada have the dream job for any sweet-toothed job seekers out there.   


The Mississauga-based company are searching for full-time and part-time 'Candyologists' to help them review some of the 3,000 candy products they stock and, perhaps even more excitingly, help them develop and review an upcoming launch of ten own-brand sweet treat creations.   For CAD 30 per hour, the company's job brief is as below:

  • Candidates will follow our in-house confectionary rating system
  • A brief, two sentence description will be required for each product tested

Part-time candyologists will be working remotely whilst the full-time roles will be based in the company's Mississauga HQ.


At Dream Jobsy we're always on the lookout for really cool jobs with minimal qualifications requirements (after all, being a helicopter pilot might be really cool but not many people are qualified to do it) so roles such as Candyologist really appeal to us (and our readers) as the minimum requirement is a High School Diploma and fluency in English.  That covers a lot of people in North America!


Now, just imagine having Candyologist on your business card or someone at a party asking what you do for a living; 'Well, basically I'm Willy Wonka!'


Applications close on 15th February 2021 so if you'd like to apply for one of these roles, please click here to apply for your dream job with Candy Funhouse.