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Dream Job on Nascar Pit Crew with Busch lrg

Dream Job on a NASCAR Pit Crew with Busch

Busch Beer have created an unprecedented dream job which offers one lucky person the opportunity to become part of a NASCAR Pit Crew for a whole season.   Yes, that's right – one of the most sought after roles in American motorsport could be yours for a whole year.  (N.B. This job is open to U.S. residents aged over 21).


Suffice to say that, if you're a NASCAR fan, this has to be your ultimate dream job!  Aside from becoming one of the drivers (which is obviously extremely difficult to do anyway), this opportunity is the one.  Your chance to be right amongst it all.  Watching everything that goes on, sitting in on team meetings, AND [very importantly as you need to remember who created this job opening for you] handing an ice cold Busch Beer to NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick after every race.  Did we mention you'll be paid a $50k salary too?


As per the Busch website's 'Join the Crew' page, this is what you'll be required to do;


  • $50K salary
  • Learn from one of NASCAR’s most experienced pit crews
  • Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at NASCAR Cup Series races (when allowed)
  • Hand Harvick an ice cold Buschhhhh after races
  • Attend crew workouts and race weekend prep at Stewart-Haas Racing facilities
  • Sit in on team meetings


If you'd like to apply for this Dream NASCAR job, the interview process is pretty unique too as the first stage of it involves a live Q&A session on Twitter during the Daytona 500 Race on 14th February 2021.  For the full details, please CLICK HERE.