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IMAGE: Kraft Heinz/Oscar Mayer

Dream Job Alert – Drive a Wienermobile Across America (2023)

One of our favorite dream jobs is back for 2023.  Today's alert, courtesy of Oscar Mayer, gives you the opportunity to drive a Wienermobile (yes, see above – it's a real thing) across America for an entire year.  We've covered this vacancy in previous years and we hope to write about it for many years to come (the original Wienermobile was created over 80 years ago so that seems likely). 

You might wonder why this is one of our favorite dream jobs and the answer's fairly simple (although not particularly short).  For most of our readers (including us) dream job vacancies tend to be unique experiences, are often travel-related, are likely to create a point of interest on a C.V., include an element of adventure and don't require too many specialist qualifications or technical skills.  That pretty much sums up the role of Hotdogger (that's the actual job title), so as long as you're paid (and, of course, you are) this is a true dream job.  If you don't agree with us then you'll have to believe Kraft Heinz (Oscar Mayer's parent company) who revealed that over 2,000 applicants put themselves forward for the small number of Hotdogger roles last year. 

Get Paid to Go on A Road Trip

Imagine answering 'I'm being paid to go on a road trip' when your friends and family ask why you're climbing aboard an enormous sausage on wheels!  It's an extraordinary role, offering you a chance to; see the whole of the U.S., meet lots of new people (the company describe how you'll become a mini-celebrity for the year), earn a salary plus all living expenses and show future employers you're a resourceful, outgoing marketer who stood out amongst thousands of other applicants to land a dream job.  It's also a great opportunity to build your personal 'brand' online by documenting your entire adventure.

If you're looking for any downsides to becoming a Hotdogger, the only one we can see is you'll be committing to a lot of time on the road and away from home (after 12 months, the average Hotdogger has visited 20 states and covered 20,000 miles).  For most dream job seekers, that's not a problem (in fact it's a bonus) but it is a reality that any other responsibilites and commitments will need to be sidelined for a year.

Apply to Drive a Wienermobile

Interested and want to apply to drive a Wienermobile?  The company's requirements for the role are below and you'll need to submit a resume and cover letter (sent via email or mail) by January 31.  

  • Recent college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in public relations, journalism, communications or marketing
  • Outgoing, friendly and compassionate, with strong communication skills; a love of hot dog puns preferred
  • Required valid Driver’s License, including a favorable driving record

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