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Dream Job Caretaker Island Ireland

Dream Job – Caretaker on Remote Irish Island

In 2020, the dream job of being a caretaker on Great Blasket Island – a remote island off the coast of Ireland – gained huge worldwide publicity.  Now, again, the 6 month,  live-in position (well there are actually two vacancies so ideal for a couple) is open for the 2021 summer season so no doubt it will generate a similar level of interest – despite ongoing travel uncertainty due to Covid-19.


The role requires fluency in English, an outgoing personality (the role involves welcoming guests on to the island and looking after them during their stay), a hardy personality (you will need to be pretty self-sufficient on a remote Irish island after all) and a general willingness to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in wherever you may be needed.  In return, you will get to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime, dream job in a truly stunning location – away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, accommodation (one double bedroom – hence why this is ideally suited to a couple) for the duration of the role , a salary (wages to be discussed with employer), and amazing memories!


Is Island Life the Ultimate Dream Job

Time and time again when we speak to people about dream job opportunities (the type you might think about when you're sitting at your office desk in London on a rainy November day), the topic of living on an island comes up.  Which leads us to the question;  is island life the ultimate dream job location? 


The notion of leaving your job in a built-up area and then arriving at your new home and job by boat (normally the case as most of the smallest islands don't have runways), is a very appealing one – and that seems to be the case regardless of the island's location.  Whilst the typical paradise island might be a sun-kissed, white sandy beach kind of affair, there's still a huge amount of interest in island jobs where the weather is less favourable – think west coast of Ireland or Northern Scotland.  That leads us to conclude that for many people, the ultimate dream job involves at least partially escaping from the realities of modern life and experiencing a more tranquil existence (even if it's only for 6 months like the Blasket Island dream job above).