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Dream Job British Antarctic Survey lrgDream Job British Antarctic Survey lrg

Dream Job with the British Antarctic Survey

If the idea of working on a sun-kissed island doesn't quite cut it for you, a dream job with the British Antarctic Survey might be just the thing you're looking for. 


The Cambridge, UK  body oversees a range of research and scientific roles at their Antarctic base and although they are currently recruiting for a variety of different jobs – from carpenter to Zoological Field Assistant – the one which pops out to us is that of Station General Assistant. 


Whilst all of the vacancies seem pretty amazing (just imagine working in that pristine natural environment, surrounded by penguins, seals etc) you will hopefully appreciate that at DreamJobsy we are focused on finding dream jobs accessible to most of the general population (i.e. those dream jobs with limited qualifications or experience required).


That approach led us to the vacancy of Station General Assistant, as whilst applicants will certainly need to be resourceful and a good all rounder, the specific job requirements are relatively low.     Based in the Rothera Research Station on Adelaide Island, your 9 month contract (with £25k salary plus bonus) will entail a whole host of responsibilities ranging from stock management to using power tools.   Although that might not sound super-exciting, the real draw with these positions is the truly unique chance to live in such an amazing environment and work with a self-sufficient team of passionate environmentalists.  It's also worth mentioning that there are presumably very few ways to spend your income on Antarctica so that £25k salary plus bonus will likely be largely saved by the time you come to the end of the contract.


The job advertisement concludes the role is 'suitable for those seeking a challenging role in support of polar science, with opportunities to appreciate stunning coastal scenery and the wildlife inhabiting this amazing continent'.


Watch the video below to have a taste of life in Antarctica (hint; it looks amazing).



Click to apply for this dream job in Antarctica.  Applications opened on the 8th January 2021, will close on 31 March 2021 and interviews are scheduled to be held on 25th May 2021.