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Dream Job – Master Biscuitier, Border Biscuits, Scotland

If a pot of tea and a packet of biscuits make you a happy person, then this is the dream job for you.  Scotland's iconic Border Biscuits are seeking a Master Biscuitier who, as the name implies, will be a Master of all things biscuit-related in the company. 


Whilst many of the roles on DreamJobsy don't require qualifications, this unfortunately does so it won't be open to every biscuit-lover in the land however it does offer an enticing salary of up to £40,000, FREE BISCUITS!!, a generous 35 days of holidays per annum and various other benefits – none of which are as interesting as free biscuits.


The main qualifications required for the role are a 'HND/Degree level qualification in either Food Science, Nutrition or food related studies' so if you can tick that box, are a 'creative and innovative foodie, obsessed with the best' and have some experience in the UK food industry, this could be the dream job for you.


To find out more about what must be one of the coolest job vacancies in the food industry today, please CLICK HERE to visit the Border Biscuits website.