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An interview with one of LEGO's Master Model Builders in Manchester, England.

Dream Job – Master Model Builder, LEGO

LEGO is an iconic children's toy with enduring appeal and beloved by all ages.   It's no surprise therefore that for many, one of LEGO's current vacancies (that of the much coveted Master Model Builder) is their dream job. 

To channel your creative energies by producing masterpieces from LEGO bricks is a rare opportunity only enjoyed by a handful of people around the world (and in contrast to many dream jobs it can actually become a long career) .  

This particular vacancy is open at LEGO's Discovery Center in New Jersey – scheduled to open in Spring 2021 – and the successful applicant will become only the 14th Master Model Builder in North America.  LEGO summarise the role as;

“The LEGO Master Model Builder is the ultimate Playmaker who is a talented LEGO builder who can make LEGO building fun and educational for our guests”

If that sounds like you, you'll need to apply by 16th October 2020 via the Merlin Entertainments website here.