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Dream Job 140k to live on a Bay Area Island

Dream Job – $140k to Live on a Bay Area Island

Imagine being paid $140k to live on a Bay Area Island with your partner.  That's exactly what's on offer with this dream job offered by the non-profit organization which operates the East Brother Light Station – home to an historic inn, an 1874 lighthouse and a fog signal.  East Brother is a registered California Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


The vacancy seeks a couple or two-person team to run the inn (referred to as one of California's best-known and unique bed and breakfasts) on a full-time basis.  The inn currently opens for four nights per week with occasional day use and some special events. There are only five guest rooms to look after so whilst you will be required to provide high-quality dinner and breakfast for the guests, the total number of guests will always be manageable. 


With applicants expected to commence their employment on 1st September 2021, the estimated income for the couple is 'a function of the level of business, occupancy level and the economy. In the last year (2019-20) the inn was fully operational,  compensation was $140,000, trending upward, for the couple. Compensation includes a health plan and living quarters on the island'.

Dream Job Requirements

In contrast to many of the dream jobs on Dream Jobsy, this vacancy does have some specific requirements in order to apply;

  1. One of the applicants will need to hold a Coast Guard commercial boat operator's license
  2. High-quality culinary experience and capability will be a critical qualification

Whilst these requirements may be a little more onerous than the average dream job, we believe that the total compensation package offered, together with the location and the chance to have this role on your CV, is just too good to not be featured on this website.  The other big plus to also consider is that if you're living and working on a tiny island with nowhere to spend your income, you're likely to save a rather large chunk of that money by the end of the contract.


To apply for this very cool dream job, click here. (link is to Form Facade Website).