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Dream Travel Job Wowcher

Dream Job – Travel the World with your Friends, Wowcher

Travelling the world for twelve months whilst getting paid AND having the option to invite your friends along with you sounds like one of the best dream jobs we've come across.


Wowcher, the daily deals website, is offering just this opportunity to one lucky person who can convince them that they are the right candidate for the job.   They describe the amazing opportunity as follows:


“Travel to the far corners of the world, all the while creating unique content for Wowcher chronicling your adventures across YouTube, blogs and social media. We are looking to you to demonstrate just how incredible a Wowcher Travel offer can be, and just what an amazing time can be had from one of our many globe-trotting deals. Quite simply, we want you to have the adventure of a lifetime on us and create something wonderful together; time to take flight!”


Doesn't sound tough so far!   Your key responsibilities will be;

“Travelling – 40 destinations contained in our famous Mystery Holiday – Including Las Vegas, New York, Bali, Thailand, Disneyland, Dubai, Venice, Iceland and many more. Visit the historical points of interest in each location.

Photography – capture your experience and places of interest on camera.

Vlog/Blog – create regular unique content based on your travels.

Social Media – managing social accounts to keep people updated on your experiences and travel.”


Your reward will be:

“The successful applicant will be paid a salary of £25,000
The successful applicant will be able to take 1 travel companion (can be changed per trip).
Some trips will incorporate multiple destinations in the single trip. Travel arrangements are flexible and will be coordinated with you.
Excursions are provided.
12 month contract.”


Stage One of the application process is as follows;


In order to apply please submit a short video up to 30 seconds of why you would be the perfect candidate for the role.

Videos can be submitted on either a Instagram feed post or Twitter post tagging @Wowcher and must include the hashtag #WowcherDreamJob and #WowcherMysteryHoliday


Although the video will of course be something you'll want to spend some time thinking about, this doesn't sound like a particularly onerous task to us – bearing in mind the reward on offer.  With that in mind, we implore you to get filming and submit your application by 30th December 2019 – what have you got to lose?


To Find Out More About This Dream Job Vacancy, CLICK HERE TO VISIT WOWCHER.COM