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dream job case study - guinness taster lrg

Dream Job Case Study – Guinness Taster for The Irish Road Trip

When popular website The Irish Road Trip sought applicants for their dream job vacancy of Guinness Taster, they were almost overwhelmed with enquiries – despite the job only being part-time and a very short contract. 


It seems that they proved what we perhaps all should have known already – paying people money to drink Ireland's most famous alcoholic export is a  great idea  (and also a huge win on the publicity front).


The Irish Road Trip (you can guess what their website is dedicated to), wanted you to visit pubs in Dublin (and not just any old pubs – a select list of great pubs) and then do as follows;

  • “Visit each pub 
  • Order a pint
  • Consume said pint
  • Snap a photo
  • And write a 250-word review

It’s that simple.”


Their Terms and Conditions were pretty clear and confirmed that for this challenging role, they would pay €22 per hour and pay for your pints.


  • Applicants must be 18+ to apply
  • Deadline for applications: September 28th, 2019
  • Note: This is not a full-time role.
    • The successful applicant will review each of the above pubs over a 4 week period this winter (Nov 8th – Dec 6th)
    • An allocation of 2 hours (paid at €22 per hour) will be given to each pub
    • An allocation of 2 pints will be given for each pub
  • We don’t condone binge drinking – the successful applicant must review the pubs responsibly, in stages

The upshot of this rather enticing offer was incredibly positive for The Irish Road Trip although (judging by their post-job update) it did involve some extra  work for them too, due to them receiving;

  • Over 3,000 Valid Applications and
  • Over 7,500 Invalid Applications

A fantastic response to an inventive 'dream job'  campaign which, whilst not ticking every dream job box (due to the very short term nature of the contract) is a great example of marketing a business via this type of promotion.  Well done to The Irish Road Trip and we wonder if they'll be repeating the vacancy in the future – after all, there are many pints of Guinness to taste all across Ireland.