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Dream Job – Overland Travel Crew with Dragoman

If you love adventure travel, this is the dream job for you.  Overland travel gurus Dragoman have issued a 'dream job warning' and it goes a little bit like this;  drive a big truck/bus to some of the most incredible places in the world and show the paying adventurers you've taken with you just how amazing the world is.


For nearly 40 years the Suffolk, England based company have been taking people off the beaten track in their fleet of 30 purpose built overland trucks.  2019 saw the Dragoman crews take 4,200 travellers on trips to 55 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America from Angola to Zimbabwe and Armenia to Uzbekistan.


If you're looking for a dream job involving netflix, chocolate tasting or looking after cats, this isn't the one for you but for anyone with a love of real travel, this is a unique opportunity with a great company who, although successful, are still small enough to care. 


The job itself involves being part of a Dragoman truck's two-person crew, sharing the driving and responsibilities as you go. The company explains 'One crew member specialises as the Leader, being responsible for the group; booking trips and managing the trip accounts, whilst the other as Co-Leader/Mechanic, responsible for overall truck maintenance and servicing.' 


The reason we think this is one of the coolest job vacancies available right now, is that whilst you may assume that everything on the trip has to be done by you and your fellow crew member, in fact  'Passengers have a role too getting involved with setting up the camp, pitching tents, food shopping, cooking, collecting firewood and water, loading luggage and generally keeping the truck clean and tidy.'   So basically everyone mucks in to get everything done but in addition you need to do some driving too.  That sounds like a pretty good deal to us – considering that you're being paid but everyone else is paying to be there.



dream job - overland travel crew with Dragoman lrg

IMAGE: Dragoman

Although one of the two crew members needs to be a mechanic, the other role doesn't appear to have any specific requirements other than 'travel experience or previous experience in the travel industry' (they even note that if you've done something amazing which would make you the perfect fit, they'll consider that too).


If you haven't guessed by now, this isn't an easy job – you'll have responsibility for a group of travellers and be with them 24/7 for a few weeks at a time – however we can only begin to imagine how fulfilling a role this would be.  If you're interested in this dream travel job, click the link to visit their website and best of luck.