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dream job - online shopaholic with onbuy dot com lrg

Dream Job – Online Shopaholic with

We're going to cut straight to the chase with this dream job.  You will be paid up to £35k per annum to SPEND £50k per annum using online marketplace  Yes, they want to recruit an Online Shopaholic – are you up to the task?


In our little world of dream jobs, this is probably one of the most enticing packages to be offered so far.  Ok, so the role isn't on an idyllic island and you're not being paid to taste candy HOWEVER you are being paid a pretty decent salary to sit at home, undertake the less than arduous task of buying stuff and simply give feedback and suggestions about the customer service, products you receive etc.   


This won't be the ideal job for everyone – but an awful lot of people would jump at the opportunity to be an online mystery shopper and get paid for it.  In fact, it's what quite a few people we know do in their spare time and they don't even get paid for it!  If it's sounding good already, wait until we tell you that you can choose what to buy and you'll keep all of the products once you receive them.


Founder of Cas Paton explained that the role was being offered to 'discover any flaws in our processes'.   In one of the best dream job descriptions we're yet to see, the company summarised the job as 'like being a Kardashian, except the hours are flexible and you won’t have to marry Kanye'.


If you're unsure about whether you'd have the necessary experience and qualifications for this salaried role with remote working and flexible hours, OnBuy have set the bar pretty low, simply seeking candidates with 'a proven interest in shopping and extensive experience with shopping online'.


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