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Dream Job - Barista on Lord Howe Island Australia

Dream Job – Barista on Lord Howe Island, Australia

If you love coffee (in fact, even if you don't love coffee), this dream job is the one for you.  Lord Howe Island – an idyllic, remote island off the coast of Australia which welcomes a relatively small number of guests each year, is searching for a full-time barista.


We can't recall hearing of a barista vacancy that's more of a dream job than this one (the website's tagline is 'Just paradise') but if you know of one, let us know!


The cafe was quoted at the time of this vacancy as needing a 'serious person to work on the island' (population – 350) and a willingness to work forty+ hours for three to four months with an hourly rate of $24. 


If all of that sounds reasonable (it certainly does to us), click here to find out more.