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day job to dream job with prAna 100k lrg

$100k to Find Your Perfect Dream Job with prAna

In one of the most eye-catching 'dream job' vacancies we've seen (possibly ever!), prAna will pay one person $100,000 to quit their day job and follow their dreams!


For their 'Day Job to Dream Job' campaign, prAna – a premium sustainable clothing brand based in the U.S. – is offering something pretty unprecedented.  Rather than create a 'normal' dream job (if that exists) whereby the successful applicant is paid handsomely to do something pretty cool for their new employer, prAna are going to pay you to quit the rat race and follow your own career dreams.


VP of Marketing, Jeff Haack, explained that in order to promote prAna's key principle of ‘Clothing for Positive Change’, the company is asking 'how can prAna help you affect positive change in your life' in order to give their audience 'a means to share their stories about what positive change looks like for them.”


For such a mind-blowing opportunity you might think that the bar for applicants is set pretty high however all prAna needs is a 'one- to three-minute video' detailing your current job and your dream job.  A panel of prAna representatives will sift through the submissions to determine a winner and, as always for this sort of promotion, we'd suggest being yourself and creating something which is both true to your own goals and sufficiently inspirational and original to stand out for the panel.   Do pay attention to the video quality and editing however those things aren't likely to be the determining factor in your success.  The company is looking for someone who will share their journey over the course of a year as they chase their dreams so authenticity and ability to make a connection with others is much more important.


The winner of this opportunity will be asked to quit their day job and share updates over the following 12 month period.  Remuneration is via a quarterly payment of $25,000 and any U.S. residents aged over 21 can apply.  For all of the information, please click here to visit the prAna website. Entry period 8/15/19 – 9/16/19.