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Dream Job - Travelling photographer 80k salary lrg

Dream Job – £80k Travelling Photographer, Perfocal

Although some photography roles may be associated with glitz, glamour and travel we're pretty sure that this vacancy, as announced on the Perfocal website, would be the dream job for many photographers.


The company, a marketplace for booking photographers (generally for one-off photo shoots), describe how they've been contacted by a family who are looking to find a full-time photographer to travel the world with them. They travel extensively to their numerous properties and want their experiences of this jet-setting lifestyle (including attending F1 Grand Prix, Mardi Gras etc) to be captured in perpetuity.   


If you're a photographer with few commitments (you'll be required to travel at short notice and potentially for long periods at a time) and you're already thinking that this is the job for you, you'll be amazed to hear that the salary on offer is £80,000.


Perfocal provided the full details of the job description from the client (sensitive data removed by Perfocal)

Usefully, Perfocal provide the client's original email (sensitive data removed by Perfocal), so any applicants can fully understand the requirements before they apply.    If this sounds like the dream job for you, best of luck and, if you're successful, enjoy your travels !  Click here for the details on the Perfocal website.