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Dream Job – Running a Cat Sanctuary on a Greek Island

If you love cats, this is the dream job for you.  A cat sanctuary on a lovely Greek island is seeking a cat lover to help look after 70 rescued feline friends.


The sanctuary (a registered charity) goes by the name of 'God's Little People Cat Rescue' (click here for their Facebook page) and was founded in 2011 by Joan Bowell and her husband who were moved by the number of stray cats scavenging for food on the island.  Joan, who is seeking someone to replace her, seeks a part-time employee who will be responsible for feeding, medicating and generally being best buddies with all of the cats.


In return for your time, you will be provided with free accommodation, a fair salary (undisclosed at this stage we understand) and wonderful views of the Aegean Sea.  All you need apparently, is a heart of gold!   


This dream job is a double whammy for cat lovers as not only will it involve working with loads of your furry friends, it's also on an island – the most frequently mentioned location when we talk to people about dream jobs.

dream job - cat sanctuary on Greek island 2

If you'd like to find out more (and apply?) for this dream job, first of all make sure you have a heart of gold and then if you do, proceed to the God's Little People Cat Rescue page on Facebook where you can find all of the details.  Best of luck if you decide to apply!