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Dream Job Alert – $12k to Grow a Mullet

We're not sure we ever envisaged writing these words but a dream job now exists where you can get paid $12,000 to grow a mullet!  PLUS you could received a $5,000 bonus if you keep the mullet for an as yet undetermined period of time after the initial 12-month contract.  Simply for growing your hair.  If you have hair, this is the dream job for you!


Of all the dream jobs we had heard and read about prior to launching Dream Jobsy, including chocolate tasting, puppy cuddling and Netflix watching, not once had it crossed our minds that we would one day find a 'grow your hair in to a mullet' vacancy.


The Dream Job for People with Hair

This must surely be the dream job for people with hair (and we can say that as at least part of 'team Dream Jobsy' is follicaly challenged).  If you have hair on your head then pretty much by definition you are also growing that very hair and therefore you can do this dream job with your eyes closed.

Roof Top Squad, a website all about hair, hair products and skincare came up with this very cool job and quite simply they want you to shave your head and then grow it back over a period of 12 months (at some point during which you will have your new hair styled in to a mullet). 

In addition to growing your hair (which sounds pretty straightforward) they will also require the successful applicant to 'Provide bi-weekly growth check ins so it can be reported on the' (which also sounds pretty straightforward). You'll be paid $1,000 per month and if you keep the mullet after the end of the assignment you can qualify for an additional $5,000.

Here are the full job requirements for the Mullet Master;

  • The successful candidate must shave their head and then grow a mullet throughout the 12-month contract period
  • When the hair is long enough, will arrange an appointment for the mullet haircut with a specialist hairdresser, arranging a convenient time with the successful candidate
  • Provide bi-weekly growth check ins so it can be reported on the website with images of how their mullet is coming along
  • Share a monthly blog post on the website to provide engaging content for people who have, or are considering growing, a mullet. Blogs must detail the experience of growing and then having a mullet, sharing with readers how to maintain it and grooming recommendations, and most importantly, how people react to the hairstyle and whether they have encounter any ‘mullet discrimination’ of any form.

Who can apply? 

  • Candidates must be over the age of 18
  • The role is open for people of all genders worldwide.
  • Candidates must be fluent in English and have good writing skills.


Apply for the Mullet Master Dream Job

Applications close on April 15 2022 and to apply click here to visit the Roof Top Squad website.