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Dream Job for Dog Lovers - Chief Puppy Officer

Dream Job – Chief Puppy Officer with Yappy

This is THE dream job if you love dogs – Chief Puppy Officer with Yappy.  Yes, you could be paid £24,000 to 'pamper and play with dogs'.  The company, an online retailer of gifts and products for dogs and dog lovers, is looking for someone to join their pack and the role sounds amazing.  Yappy will need their Chief Puppy Officer to 'take charge of all our adorable dogs and keep them yappy whilst our team is busy creating amazing, personalised dog gifts for over 420 breeds'.  


As the company goes on to explain 'It’s a hard job but someone has to do it – from playing with our dogs and ensuring they’re entertained and stimulated, to tickling tummies, offering endless strokes and catering for their every need, it’s essential that the hired CPO is prepared to offer puppy love on tap from 9 ‘til 5'.


If you're thinking this all sounds a bit too good to be true, you're partially right.  There is a little bit of work to do including 'providing written feedback on a range of toys, bandanas, treats and accessories' and 'getting each dog to photoshoots on time'.   That's it though.  No complicated stuff at all plus you'll be working with some of the most fun, laidback, mischievous, and cuddly workmates ever.  Not too many jobs allow you to tickle your colleagues' tummies without repercussions PLUS office politics won't really be a thing if you're just dealing with dogs.


The Coolest Job For Dog Lovers

All of the above led us to the question; Could this be one of the coolest ever jobs for dog lovers?  Almost certainly.  Whilst dog fanatics have numerous different options if seeking a dog-related job (think dog-walking, dog-training, dog kennels, dog grooming etc), there are few which offer this sort of role – where you're really just playing with and looking after dogs. 

To borrow a pun from Yappy, we think it's 'pawfect' and hopefully you'll think this is your dream job too.  If so, watch the video below then click on the link to find out more from Yappy.


Dream Job Vacancy Playing with Dogs