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Dream Job - Chief Coffee Taster with Vitasoy Australia

Dream Job – Chief Coffee Taster with Vitasoy

At DreamJobsy, we're fueled by coffee so being a Chief Coffee Taster would certainly be high on our own list of dream jobs.  That's why we're big fans of this dream job vacancy with Vitasoy – an Australian alternative milk company (ok, so it's not a job as such but we'll get in to that shortly).


The role involves getting paid to taste coffee – a fine plan hatched by the Vitasoy team to 'celebrate the launch of our reformulated Café for Baristas Almond Milk'.  They want to find Australia’s Biggest Coffee Nut who will 'be inducted at our lab, sample all our plant milks and learn all there is about coffee from Australia’s barista champion Matt Lewin. All in all, you’ll taste more coffee than any normal person would care to'. 


Oh and did we mention you'll be paid €10,000 (AUD) for the pleasure?


To apply for this dream job vacancy, visit  You'll need to record a 30 sec application video explaining 'why you are Australia’s biggest coffee nut and want to be Vitasoy’s Chief Coffee Taster'.  The Vitasoy Facebook page also states: 'Videos can be sent via email to  Successful candidates will be carefully selected by the Vitasoy hiring committee, with interviews to follow where Australia’s Biggest Coffee Nut will then be decided'.


The ONE drawback with this dream job is that it's only a one month assignment (we don't post many short term roles on this site but we love coffee so this met the grade 🙂 ).  So the upside is you get loads of free coffee and $10k for one month of work.  The downside, you'll probably have to return to the real world after it – although as we've seen with many other successful dream job applicants, you'll be able to leverage off this exposure to explore other opportunities.  Maybe the Vitasoy team will see the value you're able to add and offer you a permanent job!  Who knows what your future will hold but in our opinion, only good things can happen if you fend off other applicants to be chosen to receive €10k and lots of free coffee.


Good luck with your applications and we look forward to seeing who is Australia's Biggest Coffee Nut.