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Dream Job Alert – Travel Across Australia

and New Zealand for Deel

If travel is your thing, this dream job alert is for you.  Deel have just announced an incredible dream job vacancy which will involve one lucky applicant exploring Australia and New Zealand for 6 months in a campervan, whilst being paid USD 3,400 per month (that's 5,000 NZD) plus expenses!

What's the catch you may ask?  Well other than needing some experience of working in a social media related role (see details below) there's really not one – this is the dream jobs website after all.

Deel (a [unicorn] market leader in international payroll and compliance) want to find their first Social Media Nomad and they want that person to 'showcase just how easy it is to work and get paid anywhere with Deel'.  If you're the right person for the role, you'll be expected to drive your 'Deel Mobeel' Down Under, documenting your journey across social platforms along the way whilst also hosting get-togethers for other remote workers and accessing opportunities to interview Deel clients and their teams.  If that sounds a little too 'worky' for your liking, don't worry because Deel seem very keen for you to make the most of your extended road trip, suggesting you;

'Fill up the tank to visit Wellington, the most southern capital, and be the first to see the day begin. Travel Australia’s “90-Mile Straight” and even dig your toes into Jervis Bay’s world’s whitest sand. Try spotting a kea, the world's only alpine parrot, or stare in awe at the splendor that is Uluru. Plus, catalog some of the half a million different species of the world’s weirdest wildlife on the planet'.

This all seems pretty do-able in our opinion but it gets better; Deel will pick up the cost of your flights to/from Australia/New Zealand AND they'll 'provide a weekly stipend to cover things like food, gas, parking, and internet'.


A Dream Job Down Under


Travel in New Zealand and Australia for six months


Get paid NZD 5,000 per month


Receive a weekly stipend plus airfares covered


Document your travels


Host some Deel-related get togethers


Interview some existing Deel clients


Apply for Deel's Dream Travel Job

So you've fallen in love with this dream job vacancy, how do you apply and what are the applicant requirements? 

There's one requirement for this role which means it's not for everyone; Deel are looking for someone with 3+ years of experience as a social media manager, influencer, or brand ambassador.  There are a surprising number of people who fall in to one of those categories though and that's why we decided to share it on DreamJobsy.

You'll be relieved to know that Deel seem to be very much on top of this – they are, after all, specialists in this field.  Therefore, their response to 'What are the legal requirements?' is pretty simple; You must have a valid driver’s license and passport. Both items should be valid until the end of October 2023.

Click to visit Deel's Dream Job section of their website.  Best of luck and make sure you apply before Tuesday, October 11, at 11:59 p.m. PT.