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dream job - chief exploration officer michelob ultra usa lrg

Dream Job – Chief Exploration Officer, Michelob Ultra, USA

So, here are the requirements for this dream job: Do you like beer?  Do you like road-trips?  Do you like the USA's National Parks?   Do you like taking photos and videos?   If you can answer yes to those four questions, you might just be in with a shot at being selected as the Michelob Ultra Pure Gold CEO (that's Chief Exploration Officer to you).  Oh and did we mention that the pro-rata salary for this 6-month assignment is $50k?


Yes, Michelob Ultra are offering one lucky applicant the opportunity to hit the highways in a cool campervan on an all expenses paid roadtrip to capture some of America's most iconic natural landscapes, drink beer (on your days off! – no drink driving please) and they're going to pay you to do it.  As big fans of the great American road-trip, this sounds like one of the coolest jobs ever to us. 


If you're thinking that being paid to go on an all expenses paid road-trip in an amazing campervan to America's most iconic locations (with FREE BEER)  sounds great BUT travelling alone is going to feel a bit boring, fear not!  Michelob encourage you to invite a friend along for the ride too.  


Although the 'qualifications' required for this role are minimal – the main one being that you're 21 – the opportunity is more likely to appeal to keen photographers or videographers who have an eye for capturing the perfect shot – after all, the content you create will be used to promote Michelob's beer to the world.


The other great thing about this job is that, whilst it is for a limited length of time (six months), becoming the successful applicant can be a life-changing experience – as it has with numerous other 'winners' of jobs like this in the past.  The exposure you get via social media and news sites once you've landed the role (and even after it's finished) can act as a springboard for a multitude of other opportunities or, if you do a really great job for Michelob, maybe they'll keep you on in a related (although probably not quite as exciting) permanent role.


If all of the above sounds like you, click here to apply for Michelob's dream job vacancy.