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Dream Job in Antarctica for Penguin Fans

A dream job vacancy in Antarctica has been announced and it's perfect for penguin fans!   The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust has started its annual recruitment drive for various positions stationed at the UK's Antarctic base. 

Whilst a number of Antarctica-based roles require specialist skills, knowledge and experience – think engineers, medics and the like – this particular role is open to a much wider audience of dream job seekers.  A number of positions are being filled, including Shop Manager and Base Leader however it's the role of General Assistant that's got us interested. 

As this is the dream jobs website, we're always interested in those vacancies with the largest potential candidate pool so the General Assistant – with a relatively short list of candidate requirements – seems the best option.  The varied role includes everything from running 'the Post Office on behalf of the British Antarctic Territory Government' to monitoring penguins and creating engaging social media content.

We'll hand over toa recent post on the UKAHT Instagram account to sell you the dream:

'The wait is finally over! Port Lockroy recruitment is now open 🐧❄️🐧

Do you dream of waking up, looking out the window and seeing Antarctica in all its glory? Penguins plodding happily around, busying themselves with daily life. The sun appearing over the snow topped mountains. Seals and whales popping up to say hello. Do you long to work to protect Antarctica's heritage and conserve its precious environment? Can you share Port Lockroys fascinating history with fellow enthusiasts and visitors? If you're nodding along, read on.

Much-anticipated, the time has finally come. Recruitment for next season's Port Lockroy team is now open! If working in Antarctica has been a dream then you'll want to take a look at our Port Lockroy-based vacancies.

Applications must be submitted by Monday 25 April so now's the time to have a good read through the information packs for the roles of Base Leader, Shop Manager and General Assistant.

Good luck!'

Imagine calling this place home between Oct '22 and Mar '23!

The Coolest Job in the World?

When we found out about this role we asked ourselves 'Is this the coolest job in the world?'.  Sorry, we couldn't resist the pun but in all seriousness, this is an incredible opportunity.  Whilst it might not fit in to the usual dream job stereotypes such as being paid to look after a tropical island, drink wine or test Netflix boxsets, this dream job really could be a life-changing experience for the lucky candidate.

The requirements of the role may be a little more onerous than walking on a paradise beach or holding a glass of wine but the scenery, wildlife, camaraderie and general epic-ness of the position make it a potentially life changing experience.

The UKAHT stress that the vacancy is a 'contract for service' rather than a permanent job (as is the case anyway with many/most dream job opportunities).  The six-month agreement includes pre-season training and a post-season debrief.  Travel costs related to the role appear to be covered by UKAHT and, as you might imagine, once you're in Antarctica you won't really need to put your hand in your pocket (all food, accommodation and even essential polar clothing are provided) so the £1,250 remuneration per calendar month will be available for your savings account until you're back in a place where you'll actually be able to spend it!

If you share our enthusiasm for Antarctica and think this could be your dream job, click below:

UKAHT Recruitment Page