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Dream Job – A Really Goode Job with Murphy Goode Wines

What would your dream job look like in the wine industry?  That's what renowned wine makers Murphy Goode are asking you in their 'A Really Goode Job' campaign.   Having previously run 'dream job' campaigns, the family owned company are back in to the fold in rather spectacular fashion.  


Rather than simply create a cool job vacancy and offer a $10,000 per month salary (oh didn't we mention they're going to pay you $120k per annum?!), the company is asking applicants to create a short video in which they  explain what their dream job in the wine industry would be.  Wow!

dream job - a really goode job with Murphy Goode wines

IMAGE: Murphy Goode

In their light-hearted recruitment page, the company explains;

If you can pronounce the word 'cabernet', we want to hire you.

If your answer to 'red or white?' is 'yes please', we want to hire you.

If excited when called a 'wine geek', we want to hire you.


In return for meeting their lofty expectations, you will be given a 12 month contract, paid $10,000 per month, provided with free accommodation in the charming wine country town of Healdsburg and GIVEN A 12 MONTH SUPPLY OF MURPHY GOODE WINE.


If you do get chosen for this truly fabulous dream job, the company explains that you'll;  'Start the first 90 days of your Really Goode Job shadowing winemaker Dave Ready Jr. and exploring all aspects of harvest. From there, we will work with you and your passions to help you choose your path in the wine business'. 


If all of the above sounds like the coolest job ever, visit the 'A Really Goode Job' page of their website.  Best of Luck if you choose to apply and tag us in to your video applications so we can be nosey 🙂